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100 Days of Practice. Day 1

As a working musician, as I'm sure it's happened with many others, the situation the world is going through right now has drastically changed our livelihood. It has forced us to adapt and try our best to reinvent ourselves to be able to keep doing what we love.

This might not seem by any means something good at all, yet in the midst of all of what's happening, social distancing has given us a something we usually take for granted. Time.

Time to meditate, time to think, time to share with those close to you, either at your household or through technology, even at a distance.

For me, it has also given me time to practice. Taking a step back to revisit things as basic as scales, long tones and even the repertoire that I had to present in order to obtain my degree.

I don't have a clue where this 100-day journey will take me, nor what I'll post every day. What I do know for sure is that for the next 99 days, I'll always have something to work on, I'm hoping maybe you'll find it inspiring, and seize the opportunity to reconnect with your musical passion.

For now I'm sticking with Joseph Viola's Technique of The Saxophone Scale Studies.

Whether it's for 15 minutes, or 1 hour, or whatever time you allocate for your practice sessions, do it, and make it count!

Stay safe, and God bless.

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